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Sachi is a dynamic advocate of the advantages of a healthy lifestyle and a leader in the art of healing. Fit in body, mind and spirit, she embodies the theories and practices she teaches.

Stephanie R.
Mill Valley, CA

For over 20 years Sachi has been my most valuable holistic, healthcare practitioner. She has the "healing touch" and most importantly has been trained in other modalities like: body work, spiritual counseling, master yoga teacher, herbalist, etc. Sachi brings a varied range of tools to help her clients back onto a healing path.

The minute you meet Sachi you'll know you've found a special woman with incredible talents. I highly recommended her.
Photo of andrea h.


Andrea H.
Miami Beach, FL

I have been an acupuncture advocate for nearly 40 years, and of all the acupuncturists in all the countries I have lived in, Sachi far surpasses them all. She is more than an acupuncturist, she is a healer, with the gift of love and light. I recommend everyone to make an appointment with Sachi, and have the most healthy and loving experience of your life!
Photo of David F.


David F.
Arlington, VA

Dr Sachi cured my chronic shoulder pain in 1 treatment session for which  I had been to 3 orthopedic physicans over a 2 year period who could not help me.  Since then she has used her "magic" powers to cure other physical problems. 

In addition to physical ailments, she is able to sense my mental well-being and has been able to guide me on the right path whenever I need help.

I cannot recommend more highly any medical-physical-mental practitioner on the planet!  In fact, I travel from Virginia to Miami Beach just to see her every 2 months.

Elaine V.
Miami Fl.

Most of my life I suffered from severe throat infections. I have not had a single sore throat since my treatments with Sachi. She helps me to keep my immune system in top form.

Mary P.
San Franciso, Ca.

Clarity, humor, straight to the point! I got more out of one session with Sachi then from months of conventional therapy

Susan T.
N.Y.C.,  N.Y

 I am a model and my work depends on lokking my best. I go to Sachi for non surgical face lift sessions because they really work!

Veronica P.

 was in O.K. shape except for my hips. I tried exercise and diets but those saddle bags refused to budge! I heard about Sachi from a friend I was visiting in Miami. I went to her and it was a miracle! No more hip buge! It took four sessions on the left side and only two on the right side.

Armedeos D.
Miami, Fl.

I was hurt on my job. I was assisted into Sachi’s office in so much pain that I could not walk unaided. One treatment and I was standing up straight and pain free!

Guardian Ad Litum Staff,
Miami Fl.

We use your de-stressing techniques daily and it really makes a difference. Thanks a million.

Ettore S.

I had a gall stone attack 3 days before I was schedualed to conduct a phiharmonic orchestra. I was able to avoid surgery because Sachi used herbals tthat stopped the pain and dissolved the stones. And I was able to conduct as schedualed!

Chris R.
Miami Beach, Fl

I had suffered from back pain since I was a teenager. Sachi showed me how my posture and weak muscles where at the core of this pain. With  body work and a specialized exercise program that Sachi created for me, my pain is a thing of the past.

Denise C.

Seeing what happened to me in a past life gave me the insight to underrstand why I was having a reoccuring problem in this life. This awarness enabled me to finally change this negative pattern I had been struggling with for a long time.

Madeline K.

I was a heavy smoker. In fact I even rolled my own cigarettes! I had tried to quit several times but the addiction always prooved stronger than me. Finaly I did Sachi’s program. It was a week long, 5 session treatment, that included listening daily too a tape she made especially for me. Tt’s been over ayear since I smoked and I never even gained weight.

Suzanne M.

More than twenty years ago I was fortunate to have Sachi enter my life, not only
as a dear friend but also as my acupuncturist, spiritual teacher and a past life
reader.    Although I see my internist  for my yearly routine medical check up,
I see Sachi much more often for what I'd call "fine tune-ups", besides for
specific problems.  There are two major health issues I would like to share that
helped prevent me from continuing having discomfort and therefore,  not have to
undergo surgery. 

The first problem I dealt with was a racing heartbeat.  I have practiced Tai
Chi, Yoga, Meditation for decades and nothing was helping me slow down the rapid
heartbeat I was experiencing.  I decided to see Sachi and felt that she would be
able to help correct this situation I was having.  Sure enough, after she placed
the needles within my body, I felt this amazing sensation of my heart actually
lifting up, slowly leaning from the right side, then towards the left and ending
up back in the same middle position that it was in and then being gently lowered
down into place.  When that took place, my heartbeat actually slowed down to the
normal heart rate that I had always felt.   I questioned Sachi about my amazing
experience and she told me that apparently my heart may have been slightly
tilted and the energy wasn't able to flow properly and the needling helped clear
the blocked energy so that my heart could beat normally.   I have not had a
rapid heartbeat since!

The second health issue took place a decade ago and that was when I was
experiencing a prolapsed (dropped) uterus, which any woman who has gone through
this knows is not a comfortable way to live.   Sachi mentioned to me that most
meridians travel up and down within our bodies, except there are two points that
go in the other direction and that is specifically for the uterus.  After
needling my body, Sachi mentioned that she would be back within 10 minutes to
place the last two needles which dealt with the uterus.  Not surprising was how
the first needle was literally sucked in (as though my body was desperately
wanting and needing it), while surprisingly the second needle kept on being
repelled.  I was told to lay on the table for another twenty minutes.  I always
keep my eyes closed during acupuncture treatments coz I enjoy going within
myself to see what it is I am experiencing (plus I noticed that I usually
receive my best rest while being needled).  When that session was over, I
experienced the side the needle sucked in was lifted, but the other side was
still not.  I was told that since this is such a powerful treatment, that I
would need to live like this for one week and then could return for another
session.  A week later I returned and the same scenario took place, except  this
time the second needle point for my body (which the first time kept on
month ago,  I could tell the prolapsed uterus was back for a visit but not for
long... thanks to Sachi!

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