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Friends & Family  
  Swami Satchidananda and Dashiell
  Swami Satchidananda and Swami Dayananda
  Swami Dayananda and her Mother Yaeko
  Yaeko and Swami Dayananda
  My daughter Love and her husband Rick on their wedding day
  Daughter Mica
  Mom and Dad when married, October 26, 1935
  Mom and Dad at Miami Beach
  Mom and Dad
  Daddy and myself. I LOVE that guy!
  Lovers through the decades
  Godmother Renee, Mom, Dad & Claire
  Sister Claire
  Son-in-law Rick, and niece Lori
  Veronica, Great Niece
  Friends at my Birthday party in Yogaville
  My birthday at Yogaville, Stephanie, Celine, Me, Mica, Claude, Toby, Dash, Love, Barbie, John & Jacques
  Friends at my Birthday party in Yogaville
  My dear friend Mimi
  Stephanie and Leon
  Yamuna & myself
  Jacques, Murielle and myself
  Gippetto traveling through Thailand by train
  Webmaster and Friend, Lance
  Simm and myself
  Simm and myself
  Simm, Joanna and myself going to Tampa for Acupunture Day
  Barbie and my Dad
  Fang and myself in his herb shop in Chinatown
  Monks visiting from Gaden Shartse Monastery
  A meal together
  Geshe Tsering Norbu
  Tibetian Dance at St. Johns on the Lake
  The Nuns and myself
  Sylvia, me, Carol, Simm, Choeying, Passang and Michael
  Choeying, Michael and Passang
  Dash and Rufus
  Brenda and I
  Sylvia and her Parrot, Beauty
  Pat & Enore
  Sandi & Eddie
  Love and I
  Mica and Peter, aka Pierre le Bear
  Galen in Dad's Onesy - 37 years between wear.
  Mica and Galen on their deck.


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