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  Swami Satchidananda visits his childhood home in the village of Chettipalam just outside of Coimbatore in Southern India.
  Greeting Gurudev at the Integral Yoga Institute
  Gurudev speaks at the Integral Yoga Institute
  At the Integral Yoga Institute
  Swamiji in the mountains of Kallar above the school.
  On the Integral Yoga Institute porch swing
  At Ramaswami's home
  Swamiji speaks to a gathering
  Building the school
  Women in Sari's carrying rocks on their head
  I was a speaker at the school inauguration ceremony
  Guests at the school inauguration
  The first students arrive at the school
  Rushing to an elephant sighting on the school grounds
  Swami Satchidananda walking on the grounds of the school
  Homes on the water in an area known as the Backwaters. In the State of Kerala, which is on the southwestern tip of India.
  Neighbors stop by for a visit with some friends.
  Homes in the water
  Local caf
  In my water taxi
  Going to school by boat.
  A young Man
  The Traditional Kathakali Dance performances in Cochin where men play both male and female roles
  The stage makeup takes hours
  Notice the unusual handcrafted boats on this beach in Southern India
  A water buffalo automobile
  Sunday in the park
  Bathers in the park
  Many people setup shops on the street. This couple has a key shop.
  Horse-shoeing shop on the street
  Women in colorful Sari's at traditional Indian wedding
  Wedding at the Temple
  Spirtual pilgrims with forehead ash and shaved heads with yellow sandlewood paste at the Palani Temple
  Outside the Temple
  Outside the Temple with Aruna, me, the Priest and Swami Dayananda
  Horse and Carriage
  Water buffalo always share the road
  Not one more stick please!
  School children pile on to the school bus, notice the horn, upper right corner
  The Rotary Club in Coimbatore
  I was a guest speaker
  Entrance at the school Satchidananda Jothi Nikethan, in the mountains of Kallar, near Muttupalayam
  With Swamiji in the mountains of Kallar


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