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  The Jungle
  Long boat into Tamen Negara
  Long boat into the Jungle
  Boat restaurant on the water
  Boating in Taman Nagara, the oldest undisturbed Rain Forest in the World, 130 million years.
  Boating in Taman Nagara
  Boating in Tamen Negara
  Village in Tamen Negara, where the Batek Tribe live. They are experts with blowpipes.
  Village in Tamen Negara, where I discovered I had a natural proclivity for the blowdart
  A village hut. The natives have several villages and move from one to another as needed for hunting and food gathering.
  The Forest Canopy is the top layer of vegetation in a forest, this one measures 25 meters high and 400 meters long.
  Forest Canopy
  Playing Jane of the Jungle
  Batu Caves Temple, 13 kilometers outside Kuala Lumpur
  Monkey Temple in KL, there are 297 steps that lead into the cave Temple
  Monkey Temple in KL
  Apparently, even monkeys like to drink Coke from a can
  Buddha in all sizes
  Temple in Kuala Lumpur
  The Metropolitan Municipal Transportation Systems
  Entrance to Crab Island, note crab on top
  Temple with Fish on the roof, Crab Island
  Baguai on Temple floor
  Baguai on chairs in the Temple
  Tea plantation, notice the tea picker
  Village near Boh Tea Plantation in Pahang
  Homes on Stilts circulate air and keep animals out
  A small fire on the ground below the homes on stilts keeps the mosquitoes away
  The Children of the Village
  The village washing and toilet area
  Healers selling potions
  Healer selling potions
  Helping Mom clean fish
  Shaded platforms on the beach are communal rest areas
  Homemade Boats
  Homes on the water
  My home on the island of Petani
  View outside the home
  My house in Babi Peser
  View from the house
  Gippetto retrieves dinner
  The local restaurant in Babi Peser
  View from the restaurant
  The local cemetary
  Women selling food at the Market
  The Market
  The Daily Marketplace
  Dorean fruit is so smelly, it's not allowed in Hotel rooms
  Boat from Malaysia to Thailand


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