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  Chaing Mai at one time, was a gated walled city
  Bike taxi, notice the left hand turn signal
  The Temple on Taphae Road
  Teachers at Thai Medical Massage School
  Students at Thai Medical Massage School
  Students at Thai Medical Massage School
  Special Teacher Ma Nit
  Friendly neighbor waving hello
  Sawadee Kah
  Old and New exist side by side throughout Asia
  Elephants have the right of way
  Egg Vendors
  A special ceremony at the boxing camp
  A northern Thailand Hill tribe woman
  Tammila, A great Inn and Restaurant on the Mai Kong River
  I worked on some reluctant primates at a reserve in Northern Thailand
  Notice the realistic wax sculpture of a special monk behind us
  My house on the water in Samui
  A dreamy village of Krabi nestled between limestone cliffs, sea and forest.
  Boats in the mist in Krabi
  Monks on the waterbus in Bangkok
  Leaving Chaing Mai
  On the way to Nepal


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