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  In Tibet a dream becomes reality
  Bike Taxi, complete with license plate and tablecloth roof
  The beautiful Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. Built in the 7th century A.D.
  Street Musicians in Lhasa, notice their homemade instruments
  The youngest merchant
  Measuring the potatoes
  A Tibetian Chicago Bulls Fan! (see the emblem on his pants)
  No diapers needed!
  Pilgrims on the way to Holy Mt. Kailash
  At Tashi's Guesthouse
  Making Yak Butter Tea
  Local restaurant
  The truck or the car were always getting stuck
  Car repair stop
  Which way do I go?
  Fellow Travelers
  Slim pickin's for grazing
  Do you think it was cold in the Guesthouse?
  Working in the fields
  Young Tibetian
  Playing with children in a village
  The children in a village on the way to mount Kailash
  A Temple
  The children had the keys to the Temple and took pride in showing it to us
  Each woman weaves her own distinct apron
  Darchen, where the circumambulation of Mount Kailash begins
  Chuku, the first monestary I stayed in on the pilgrimage
  View of Mt. Kailash from the Chuku monastary
  Guest house for pilgrims beneath the Tamdrin Dronkhang-Drira Phuk Monastery
  Inside the guest rooms, I hope you like a firm cement bed!
  Do you think I was cold?
  At the foot of Holy Mt. Kailash
  Holy Lake Manasarova
  We had to break the ice to cross the river
  Best Buddies
  A family traveling arrives to take the Ferry
  The reluctant Yak needed some persuading to board the Ferry
  I named her Princess
  Princess waking up in the morning
  A monastary by Lake Manasarova in view of Mount Kailash
  True Love
  From the Tibetan boardertown of Naylam, it is a breathtakingly beautiful 4-hour drive down the mountain to Kathmandu


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