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Skilled in many healing modalities, Sachi offers a variety of treatments to meet your specific needs. Although her private practice is in Miami Beach, Florida, she offers phone consultations and travels extensively. See the Contact Me section for information on how to set up appointments.

Medicine Buddha, painted by Marianna Rydvald
Acupuncture Needle and needle-less techniques using acupuncture points for health and prevention of illness.
Intuitive Counseling Using a combination of intuition and counseling to gain insights and resolve problems.
Body Work
and Rehabilitation
Physical manipulation of the body, to relieve pain, release spasms and tight muscles, and correct misalignment.
Meditation Individual instruction tailored to guide you in forming the type of meditation that will be best suited for your needs.
Herbal Consultation Whether you have an existing health concern, or just want to be in optimum health, an herbal consultation will answer your questions.
All Natural Face Rejuvenation The all natural way to look younger. Soften or erase lines. Lift eyes and neck. Remove old surface cells. Minimize pores.
Past Life Exploration Exploring your past lives is interesting, fun and illuminating. Let your past lives shed light on your current life.
and Individualized Exercise Program
Whether you have never done yoga, or are experienced, private instruction gives you the knowledge and assurance to take your practice to your highest level.
De-Stress Using various techniques of breathing, deep relaxation, movements, suggestions and visualizations.
Weight Loss A knowledgeable guide to assist you in losing weight, Sachi uses a combination of methods individualized for each patient.
Stop Smoking and Other Addictions Addictions are deeply imbedded. To stop smoking (and other addictions) a combination of methods will be used to clear the addiction from the body, mind, and emotions.

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