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Body Work and Rehabilitation

We take our cars in for oil changes and tune ups. We are always doing work on our homes. Yet we rarely work on our bodies unless something goes wrong. Most people come to me after an injury, or when they are having a health problem. But there are some clever people who get treatments as a preventive measure. They realize that our body is like our home. There is always something that can be done to improve it.

I do a form of body work created by Yamuna Zake known as Body Logic. I use it as a preventive method of keeping the body in top form. I also use it to rehabilitate the body after injury, illness or surgery. People often come to me as a last resort before undergoing surgery. In many cases, I have successfully treated them, enabling them to avoid surgery .I have a very high success rate with bad backs and repetitive motion problems.

Most people are out of alignment. Frequently one shoulder is tighter and more raised then the other. Often one hip is more jammed into the socket, creating an imbalance. This is often incorrectly attributed to having one leg shorter than the other. At times, the vertebra are being pulled by tight muscles causing a curvature in the spine. Tight muscles and ligaments can cause discomfort or even severe pain, pulling joints out of their proper alignment.

Body Work is a form of physical manipulation used to relax spasms and release tight muscles and ligaments. This amazing work actually creates structural space in the body. Having this space releases areas of compression. Compression in the joints results in restricted movement. As the work releases this compression, complete range of movement is restored.

If you feel that your body is tight or compressed, or if you are in pain or discomfort, come in for body work (or acupuncture, or both!) But even if you feel great come in for a tune up and keep your body in perfect condition!

Sachi has trained and worked with Yamuna Zake, originator of Body Logic. She has co-taught this unique form of body work with Yamuna at her studios in N.Y.C. and at Educating Hands Massage School in Miami.

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Yamana Zake, Originator of Body Logic with Sachi

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