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Meditation Instruction

Dash and Celine Meditating at Satchidananda Ashram

We live in a time and place where we receive a copious amount of constant stimulation. We are persistently bombarded with information. Our senses are continually overloaded. Our sympathetic system is consistently in attack mode. We suffer from noise, sound, air and food pollution. To maintain health there must be balance. It is crucial to our well-being that these stressful forces be offset.

The way to release the mind from these stresses is through meditation
Meditation is not a difficult skill to learn
Meditation does not need to be practiced in a certain specific position
Meditation does not need to be practiced for a precise amount of time

There are many forms and many ways to meditate. There is not just one right way. When someone comes to me for instruction on mediation I give them various options. This allows them to choose a form of meditation that suits their individual needs. In this way an individual is most likely to find their meditation sessions enjoyable and actually look forward to them.
Too often people with a great desire to meditate are unsuccessful because the type of meditation they have been instructed in, or selected, is simply not the right style for them. They wind up discouraged and unhappy. Meditation should be something you anticipate with great joy. It is for me, and my aim is to make it like that for you too!

Meditation will
Teach you how to relax the mind
Help you to get in balance
Aid you in combating daily stresses
Open your awareness
Stimulate your creativity
Develop your intuition

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