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Stop Smoking Treatment

Quit Smoking - Be Happy and Healthy!

Our addictions are in 3-D! They are not simple little habits. They are deeply ingrained. They are firmly rooted within our body, emotions and mind. Therefore, in order to successfully pry them loose and be permanently rid of them, all of these areas must be addressed. Treatments that do not do this will usually have only temporary success.

I have devised a method that effectively encompasses all of these areas. I treat the whole person, which explains my high success rate. First, an in depth medical intake which covers the person’s health history is taken. We then look deeply into the addiction and discover triggers, emotional connections and thought processes that are feeding the addiction. We look for the core, the root and foundation, so that these can be removed. We work on the positive benefits derived from releasing the habit. We review the negative aspects of the habit and clearly see the damage and suffering they cause. After this ground work has been completed we begin the physical treatment.

There is a series of four treatments. In the first, we do the above ground work, then a deep relaxation session is given. This session is recorded and the patient is required to listen to it daily. Acupuncture ear tacks are administered.

The second treatment takes place the following day. The third two days latter and the final treatment is three days latter. Some patients choose to have additional treatments because they find them so relaxing, de-stressing and supportive.

Sachi’s first experience with addiction treatment was in a hospital in the Bronx New York, over twenty years ago. This program was so successful that it became world famous. Many hospitals have since used this model for their acupuncture addiction treatments.
Sachi is a board certified diplomat in acupuncture. She has trained as a hypnotherapyst at The Center For Integrative Medicine in Philadelphia.

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