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The first time I saw Yoga I was in my early teens. Like the proverbial moth to the flame, I was drawn to it. I absolutely could not resist it’s pull. It became a part of my life. Many things changed over the ensuing years. But my love for Yoga has remained constant.

Yoga is an integral part of who I am. I love practicing Yoga, and I love teaching it to others because I know, from my own experience, how Yoga can transform your life!

Yoga does amazing things for your body. It increases your flexibility, effects the function of your internal organs, and gets you in great shape. But the most precious gift that Yoga offers us, is what it does for our mind. I believe that to receive that gift however, Yoga must be done in the way the ancient originators created it.

It is not by chance that they choose to name this practice “Yoga.” In Sansript this means “to join” It is precisely this joining, this involvement, awareness, and working in unison with body/ mind/ spirit that sets yoga apart from all other exercise.

The joining of the body/mind takes us out of our usual disconnected state of separation. We enter into a meditative mind, a peaceful, serene, spiritual state. Practiced in this way, the peaceful state lingers beyond the time of our practice and begins to permeate our entire life.

What forms of Yoga Instruction do I offer?

*Group Yoga classes
*Individual, one on one, training
*Teacher Training
*Private, small group classes
*Master Yoga classes which are in depth workshops. You can read about them on my workshop page. I teach those workshops locally as well as world wide.

*Sachi Yoga Videos and DVD’s are available.

Sachi has been trained in many forms of yoga and was certified in three of them: Serenity in N.Y.C. The Bateman Health Institute, also of N.Y.C. and The Phaeronic School of Yoga, Etratat, France. Sachi was trained in, and has taught Integral yoga. This is the form used in all of Dean Ornishe’s medical programs for reversing heart disease. Sachi’s video, “Yoga with Sachi” is sold in catalogs and stores. It has sold out of three printings.
Sachi has taught yoga in America, France, The Caribbean, India, Malaysia and Thailand. She has given Yoga Master Courses, Intensives, Workshops, and Teachers Trainings. Graduates of Sachi’s teacher trainings are currently successfully teaching yoga.

For more information please see the Yoga article I wrote in the information section. Please also check out the Master Class information on my workshop page. Contact me to find out where I teach in Miami Beach or how to arrange for me to come and teach a workshop in your area.

My yoga is dedicated to my most beloved teacher of 30 years, Sri Swami Satchidananda.

For more information on Swami Satchidanadna see the Photo Section

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