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Chinese Medicine Workshop
Ancient Knowledge for Modern Times

An old Japanese painting on silk, depicting a healing treatment.

In the West we are currently experiencing great interest in the ancient knowledge of the East. Yoga, Feng Shui, Meditation, and Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture and Herbs, are all becoming popular.

Easy means of communication and travel are “shrinking” the world. People can now easily enjoy exploring, learning and experiencing the interesting cultural and philosophical differences of what used to be “far away and exotic places”.

This workshop will review the many facets of Chinese Medicine. There will be demonstrations of the healing techniques used such as acupuncture, moxa and cupping. We will delve into the meridian energy system. We will learn how to use needle-less methods on acupuncture points for relieving common ailments. These interactive sessions with hands on training will enable you to take home healing techniques that you can actually use.

I have planned this workshop to be informative and to teach useable skills, but also to keep the participants involved in a fun and enjoyable way.

What we’ll be doing:

*Hands on ~ the participants can try techniques on themselves as well as each other, (meridian point stimulation, asian exercise, etc.)
*Demonstrations ~ Acupuncture, cupping and moxa.
*Brewing Herbal Teas ~ the participants can taste and feel the effects of the herbs as well as learn to make their own herbal brews.
*Question, answer and discussion periods in which participants can present specific health issues.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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Chinese Medicine Overview
Yin and Yang Theories Explaineds
Group Discussion
The Cycles of Energy Movement
Yin and Yang Theories Explained.  Click on Photo to Enlarge Five Element Theory Explained

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