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Each person’s relationship with color and sound is unique. Some colors lift your spirit and others deplete your energy. One person adores green and another dislikes it. Music that irritates you may stimulate someone else.

Color and sound are vibrational energy. We humans are also vibrational energy. Some energies work well together while others clash. Color and sound have both positive and negative affects on our body/mind. Their influences are constantly affecting us, but often this occurs on an unconscious level. This workshop will help you to bring this information into your conscious awareness.

We’ll be looking deeply into the energy of color and sound. Understanding the way in which specific colors and sounds influence you enables you to use this knowledge to positively effect all aspects of your life.

Some of the things we will be exploring in this workshop are:
*The Chinese Medical and Feng Shui systems of color, sound, and emotion
*The Indian Ayurvedic Chakra system
*Tibetan Bowls, Bells, and Cymbals
*Tuning forks
*How different types of music effect you
*How the sound of your name effects you
*How different colors effect you
*How to strengthen your organs ( heart, lungs, etc.) with color and sound
*Choosing foods and herbs by color to enhance your health

Some of the things we will be doing in this workshop are:
*Healing with Color:
Balancing The Chakras With Color
Using Color ~ Light ~ Plants ~ Fabric ~ Glasses.
*Healing with Sound:
~ Music ~ Voice ~ Instruments ~ Kototami ~ Tuning Forks ~ Bowls ~

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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Colorful fabrics bring wonderful sensations!
Balancing Chakras with colored gemstones.
Exploring how colored lights affect our emotions.
Participants in the color workshop
Chakra Balancing

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