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Four Seasons Workshop Series


Time for Spiritual Spring Cleaning!
Spend a weekend with us,
experience a Native American
Sweat Lodge, and cleanse your
body mind and spirit.

Hot, Powerful and Heartfelt.
It is about living life in full bloom. Come to our summer week end retreat and learn to harness the amazing energy of Summer.
Reap, Release and Keep!
Fall bestows the energy and the ability to help sort out what is working in your life and what is not. Join us to witness the majesty of fall....the transformation of the trees...and our lives!
Time for Hibernation and Germination.
This is powerful dream time. Come with us and learn how to turn your dreams into reality.

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Sachi and Stephanie, co-founders of the Four Seasons Workshop Series.

The Four Season’s Workshop Series teaches the importance of living in mindfulness. Eastern philosophy sees the individual as being a microcosm of the macrocosm. This means that each of us is a part of the greater whole. Understanding this concept opens our awareness not only to the seasons, but to how we are connected to nature, the environment, everything and everyone. This brings a more loving, respectful and spiritual aspect into our lives.

Each of the four workshops offers a unique awareness of the spiritual energy for that specific season. Working with the energy of the seasons enables the individual to create health and balance. There is special attention given to the Oriental Five Element Philosophy. In this system there are correlation's to body organs, emotions, colors, sounds, and smells that relate to each season. In every workshop yoga, tai chi, and meditation are practiced. The appropriate foods to eat and healthy menus specific to the season are taught.

Sachi and Stephanie are the co-creators of The Four Season’s Workshop Series. They created these workshops out of the recognition that life presents each of us with a labyrinth. Their goal is to pass on the knowledge and insights they have gained so that each person finds their own unique path. This enables them to live in health and harmony with themselves and others in every season throughout their life’s journey.

About The Instructors:

Sachi is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Nationally Board Certified Diplomat in Acupuncture, and a Florida State Acupuncture Physician. Sachi is an Intuitive Counselor. She is a certified Yoga Instructor. Sachi is certified in Thai Medical Massage and Body Logic Work. She maintains her private practice in Miami Beach, Florida. She works with Chinese and American Herbs as well as Homeopathic and Health Supplements. She has taught, lectured and studied throughout the U.S.A., India, Malaysia, Thailand, France and the Caribbean.

Stephanie is a Wu Style Tai Chi Ch’uan Instructor who began her practice 30 years ago. She is one of the few students asked to continue the teaching of the rare Wu Style Form by her teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Chow. The Chows have had the honor of being recognized by the Chinese government as National Treasures. Stephanie is a Yoga Instructor certified by the Integral Yoga Institute. Integral Yoga is the form recognized by the Dr. Dean Ornish programs. She is a Macrobiotic Cook. Stephanie is the creator of the Mind Over Matters Stress Reduction Workshop which she has taught to corporations and groups throughout the U.S.A. and West Indies. Stephanie has made numerous appearances on Television and radio.

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