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The Four Seasons SPRING Workshop

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Intoxicating! Invigorating! Bursting with Energy! Get Ready,Here comes
~ Spiritual Spring Cleaning ~

Spring is the perfect season to recharge, rejuvenate, reevaluate and initiate new ideas. It is by no accident that we are seized with a mad desire to clean house in the spring! Although perhaps not as conscious, that urge is definitely as strong, on all levels of body, mind, emotion and spirit.

This spring, give yourself a weekend away from all cares and let Sachi and Stephanie guide you with the information, inspiration, techniques and support to do your Total Spring Cleaning! Our goal is to empower you to care for yourselves in the best way possible.

What we will be doing this weekend -
~Native American Sweat Lodge ~ Profound purification ceremony
~Yoga ~ Postures uniting body and mind
~Meditation ~ Cleansing and clearing the mind so the sacred may enter
~Pranayama ~ Yogic breathing techniques and the right use of air energy
~Tai Chi Chuan ~ The spiritual aspect of movement within awareness
~Deep Relaxation ~ Cleansing and releasing tension from the muscles & mind
~Body Cleansing ~ Inside and out! Fasting guidelines. Cleansing protocols
~The Spring Element ~Learning the Chinese Medical Concepts of Spring
~Cooking for Spring ~ Macrobiotic based cooking lesson and menus

The retreat will be held in Springbank Retreat Center in Kingstree, South Carolina. This is a sacred place that has awesome ancient trees, mangroves to canoe in, and an amazing energy that has built up over the years in which it has been a spiritual community.

The retreat begins with registration on Friday, around 5:00 P.M.
Friday and Saturday evenings there will be discussions, classes and workshop activities.
Saturday and Sunday mornings begin with meditation and a multilevel yoga class, after which breakfast is served.

Saturday we will be experiencing a Native American Sweat lodge. This ceremony of purification is an extraordinary aid in cleansing every part of our physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual selves. If you have not already experienced a Native sweat, prepare yourself for an experience like no other.

During the retreat there will be a Tai Chi demonstration, lesson and a “mindful walk”. This is something that will change your idea of what movement is - and what it can be!

In keeping with spring, there will be instructions on every element of body cleansing. Eyes, nose, tongue, skin, intestines and bowels will all be addressed. Instructions on juice fasting will be given.

The Eastern concepts of spring, which is the wood element will be discussed. This encompasses not only our environment, but the individual as well. The physical organs and body, as well as the emotions, and temperament of the spring element personality.

A macrobiotically based cooking class will be given along with menus for healthy spring meals. The retreat ends after lunch on sunday.

The Four Seasons Workshop Series goal is to teach and inspire. We create a loving, safe and joyful space in which you may comfortably explore new ideas and work with the tools we will be giving you.

This Spring Take Care of Yourself
Give Yourself The Gift of Emotional Balance, as well as Physical and Mental Renewal

Please keep in mind that each retreat is unique and this is a general overview. We have many exciting programs to choose from and each group has it’s own needs and desires. The workshops are subject to change to meet the individual group needs and dynamics.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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Stephanie and several of the Spring participants under the Grandmother Tree
Tai Chi Walk to the Sweat Lodge
Sachi and several participants at the Spring Bank Retreat Center
Our Outdoor Classroom
Blissed Out Under the Grandmother Tree!


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