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The Four Seasons SUMMER Workshop

Yoga in Paradise
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Living Life In Full Bloom!

Summer is joy, care freeness and abundance personified. It is in the summer that our gardens truly flourish. Glorious, fresh, ripe fruits, vegetables and flowers satiate all of our senses. What a wondrous array of smells, colors and tastes!

Spend a weekend with us this summer and learn about the energy and ability this season blesses us with. This is the Fire Element in the Chinese system. Summer is hot, powerful and heartfelt.

What we will be doing this weekend -
~The Fire Element~Learning the Chinese Concepts of Summer
~Heart & Small Intestine~ Organs of the summer
~Yoga ~ Postures with special attention to the heart and small intestine
~Deep Relaxation~ Releasing tension and strengthening the heart
~Meditation~ Clearing the mind and opening the heart.
~Heart ~ How to care for, and heal the heart
~Herbs~ Creating herbal remedies for the Heart & Small Intestine
~Oils~ How to create an essential oil specifically for you.
~Tai Chi Chuan ~ The spiritual aspect of movement within awareness
~Cooking for Summer ~ Macrobiotic based cooking lessons and menus

The retreat begins with registration on Friday, about 5:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday evenings there will be discussions, classes and workshop activities.

Saturday and Sunday mornings begin with meditation and a multilevel yoga class, after which breakfast is served.

Saturday we will be working with the heart energy. Mixing an oil blend and learning how to care for the heart. Chakra work, heart meditations, healing stones and herbs will be discussed.

During the retreat there will be a Tai Chi demonstration, lesson and a “mindful walk”. This is something that will challenge your idea of what movement is - and what it can be!

The Eastern concepts of summer, which is the fire element, will be discussed. The physical organs, as well as the emotions, and temperament of the spring element personality will be examined.

A macrobiotically based cooking class will be given along with menus for healthy summer meals.

The retreat ends after lunch on Sunday.

Please keep in mind that each retreat is unique and this is a general overview. We have many exciting programs to choose from and each group has it’s own needs and desires. The workshops are subject to change to meet the individual group needs and dynamics.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

Preparing for a Session.
Preparing for a Session.
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