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Meditation Workshop

We are aware that our children must be taught proper behavior. We understand that we must receive instruction to learn a new skill. We realize that we need to train animals. Yet so many of us let our minds run wild.
With meditation we can train our minds so that we control our thoughts, rather than have our thoughts control us. Meditation enables us to calm and clear our minds. When our minds are clear and calm and our thoughts are not running wild our brain waves actually change! This shift opens up other areas of the brain. Our mental, intuitive and creative potentials expand.
Learning to meditate is not difficult. In the decades that I have taught meditation I have found that there are two major problems a would-be-meditator frequently encounters. The first is in not choosing the method of meditation that is the best for them. In this workshop we will learn several forms so that everyone has choices of a style or styles that best suit their individual needs.
The second problem people often confront is a lack of clarity. The cause of this is due to the confusion and even misinformation surrounding meditation. I make sure that there is sufficient time for the workshop participants to ask questions and clear up any confusion they may have. Any questions you have will be answered. I will give you all the information you need to truly understand what meditation is, and what it is not.
Besides learning how to meditate, you will also learn many helpful techniques that can aid you in having an easel, successful meditation practice. Some of these are;
*Methods to begin and end each meditation
*The best times and length of meditation
*How to create a sacred meditation space
*Pranayama, Indian breathing tecniques
*How to vary meditation techniques

The Meditation Techniques we will be learning are;
Japa * Mantra * Mindfulness * Object * Breathing * Non-duality,One Pointed * Mandala

Some benefits of Meditation
* Calming the mind
* Relaxing the body
* Expanding our intuitive and creative potential

Contact me to sign up for a meditation workshop or for more information
Besides teaching meditation for groups I also give individual instruction. You can read about that in the Treatment section.

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