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A time of transformation

See the Miami Herald Article

Since the recent HRT (hormone replacement therapy) scare, more women then ever started to look for safer ways to handle their menopause transition. I was featured in the Miami Herald just after the widely publicized halt to the HRT testing to give treatment views from the Asian perspective. I am firmly routed in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as the Indian Ayurvedic healing arts. I have naturally used these methods to deal with all ailments, including problematic symptoms of menopause. I view the HRT shock as a revelation. It heralds the time to change our perceptions of medicine and health care. It is time to release ourselves from the confines of western medicine and to expand to encompass all that our world has to offer us.
The more you are prepared, the greater your chances of passing through this very important period of your life with ease.

This workshop is designed to give you:

*Alternative methods for handling menopause naturally.

What we will be learning:

*How the body works
*What is Menopause, Perimenopause, Onset Menopause, Mid-Menopause Late Menopause ~
*Who has Symptoms ~ Who Does Not ~ Why?
*Types of tests used to evaluate conditions.
*Why simply replace hormones - especially since symptoms can be due to excess!
*Which hormones should you replace? How much for YOU!
*What about osteoporoses?
*Hormones ~ What are they? How do they work in the body?
*What are the Western drugs ~ How do they work?
*How the Eastern mentality differs, and the effects it has on their body

Menopause is NOT an illness. It is a natural bodily process that occurs in the human female body. It is only in the West that menopause has become a “disease.”
Let us realize that it is a time of beautiful transformation. The wise women emerges, bringing with her a life time of learning. The power, knowledge, and spiritual awareness awakens.
This definitive workshop is about menopause and perimenopause but it is also about about change as a catalyst for growth.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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