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Read the Past-Life Regression Article in Street Magazine Below

Have you ever felt an inexplicable attraction, or dislike, towards another person?
Have you felt that you already knew someone the first time that you met? Or that a new place you went to felt oddly familiar?
Do you have seemingly unfounded passions, phobias, or ailments?
Your past lives may hold the keys to these, as well as many other mysteries. Do you need to believe in reincarnation to benefit from this workshop or to see what we call “past lives”? Absolutely not!

Just as everything you have done earlier in this life effects the rest of your life, what you have done in your past lives is also influencing you now in this life. Exploring these past lives brings these influences to the surface. Once they are revealed you can understand, and use the positive, or release the negative influences.

The mind has power well beyond our current understanding. It has 100 million neurons and no limitations. Every moment of this life, as well as past lives, has been recorded. In this workshop, Sachi will be guiding the participants as a group, into a deep relaxed state, where our former lives can be easily accessed. Each of the participants will experience their own past lives.

What we will be doing:

*Awaken past life strengths, abilities and knowledge.
*Learn about Reincarnation, Karma and Life Lessons.
*Uncover unconscious motivations
*Discover past life causes for present problems
*Tap into the wealth of information imprinted on your subconscious

Your past has created the person you are today.
What you do, or do not do, right now, will create the person you are in the process of becoming.
Tap into your past lives to access the things that will help you fulfill your ultimate potential now!

Sachi has had spontaneous recall of her own past lives, as well as others, since childhood. She has been trained as a past life hypnotherapyst at The Center For Integrative Medicine in Philadelphia. She is a nationally board certified acupuncturist and a certified yoga teacher. Drawing from these modalities she has developed a technique that has successfully guided others in viewing their own past lives.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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