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Master Class Yoga Workshop

In this workshop we will go deeply into several yoga postures to learn them thoroughly. This will enable you to practice a yoga routine on your own with total confidence. We will incorporate forward, backward, side, and twisting postures, to create total balance.

Hatha means the physical form of Yoga. It is to be practiced in a soft, gentle, totally focused way to receive it’s true gift, that of joining Body/Mind/spirit. This was the core intent the ancients had when they devised Yoga centuries ago. Which is why they choose the name Yoga, which means “yoke” or “to join.” It is this joining, this involvement, awareness, and working in unison with body/ mind/ spirit that sets yoga apart from all other forms of exercise.

Yoga, when practiced in this way means being aware of every moment, on all facets of ones being. Within this awareness, everyone feels the effects, the limits, and the breakthroughs from the limits, in a gentle, non harmful way. Each practitioner, from the beginner to the most advanced, will be practicing at their maximum capacity without strain. Each person’s work out will vary, even while doing the exact same posture!

Instead of competing or strenuous pushing, we allow our body to open slowly and gently into each posture. By being totally focused and aware we use our breath and body/mind in unison. There will then be no disruption of the meditative, serene, and spiritual state. If you practice Yoga in this way, your peaceful state will linger beyond the time of your yoga practice and will begin to permeate your entire life.

For more information see the Yoga Article I have written in the Information Section. Also, please checkout Yoga in the Treament Section. Contact me to find out where I teach in Miami Beach or how to arrange for me to come and teach a workshop in your area.

What we will be doing:

*Learning a selection of postures
*Devising your own personal Yoga routine
*Increasing range of motion
*Strengthening muscles
*Lengthening ligaments

Sachi ~ As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a body worker, Sachi brings a rich and unique depth to her Yoga teaching derived from her knowledge of the body gained through 20 years of practicing healing modalities. Sachi has been trained in many forms of yoga and was certified in three of them: Serenity in N.Y.C. Allen Bateman of the Bateman Health Institute, also of N.Y.C. and The Phaeronic School of Yoga, Etratat, France.
Sachi was trained in, and has taught Integral yoga. This is the form used in all of Dean Ornishe’s medical programs for reversing heart disease.
Sachi’s video, “Yoga with Sachi” has been sold in catalogs and stores. It has sold out of three printings.
Sachi has taught yoga in America, (8 years at the Fontaine Bleau Hilton spa) France, The Caribbean, India, Malaysia and Thailand. She has given yoga Master Courses, Intensives, Workshops, and Teachers Trainings. Graduates of Sachi’s teacher trainings are currently successfully teaching yoga.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

My yoga is dedicated to my most beloved teacher of 30 years, Sri Swami Satchidananda.

For more information on Swami Satchidananda see the Photos Section.

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