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The Four Seasons FALL Workshop

Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains
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~ Harvesting Your Fall Energy ~

There is a deep, contemplative energy that fall bestows upon us. It is time to pull on our most comfy old sweater, walk in the woods and think about things. Fall is the perfect time to reflect, to look at our lives. From this perspective we can recognize what we have done and who we have become.

Fall is a time of harvest. A time to take the ripe and use it - and to discard what is not useful.. On every level what fall is about is the art of taking in and letting go.

Fall's gift is the clarity to decide what to keep, what to release, and what changes we want to make. It is the time to sow those new seeds of change. We will be doing exactly that in this workshop! Prepare yourself for a magical trip to discover the secrets of harvesting.

Our fall retreat is held at the Satchidananda Ashram, Yogaville, in Virginia. It is the perfect place to be in Fall as the trees perform their outrageous display of color. We will be walking through the woods, doing yoga and Tai Chi, and learning lots of useful information. We will take you on a magical trip to discover the secrets Fall has to offer us.

What we will be doing this weekend -
~The Metal Element~Learning the Chinese Concepts of Fall
~Lung and Large Intestine~ Organs of the Fall
~Yoga ~ Postures with special attention to the lungs and large intestine
~Deep Relaxation~ Letting go and opening up
~Pranayama~Breathing practices that strengthen the lungs, and increase lung capacity.
~Ball Work~ To open the lungs and increase intestinal function
~Reap and Release~Discussions and techniques for letting go of negatives and bringing in positives
~Exercises~ Strengthening the abdominals
~Meditation~ Group meditations held in the famous Lotus Shrine. (see photo below)
~Woods~Trail walks through the woods.
~Tai Chi Chuan ~ The spiritual aspect of movement within awareness
~Cooking~ Macrobiotic based cooking lesson and menus for the Fall

The retreat begins with registration on Friday, around 5:00 P.M. There will be dinner, a class, discussion and talk. Saturday evening we will attend a Satsung gathering with Kirtan (chanting) and entertainment.

Saturday and Sunday mornings begin with meditation and a multilevel yoga class. The room we hold our classes and do yoga in is wood and glass with breathtaking views.

Saturday we will be working with the Chinese concepts of Fall, which is the Metal energy. The physical organs, as well as the emotions, and temperament of the Fall element personality.

Saturday and Sunday we will walk through the woods (ride available for those who prefer) to the Lotus Shrine. We will have a group meditation in this beautiful, peaceful spiritual place.

Lunches and dinners will be held in the grand hall, or on the outside terrace area.

During the retreat there will be a Tai Chi demonstration, lesson and a “mindful walk". This is something that will change your idea of what movement is - and what it can be!

A macrobiotically based cooking class will be given along with menus for healthy Fall meals.
There is an outdoor hot tub and a sauna available.
The retreat ends after lunch on Sunday.

Please keep in mind that each retreat is unique and this is a general overview. We have many exciting programs to choose from and each group has it’s own needs and desires. The workshops are subject to change to meet the individual group needs and dynamics.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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Cozy Inside with Joy and Laughter!
Above the Lotus Shrine
Yogaville Ashram, with Sachi
Fall by the River.
Participants from the Fall Workshop, with Stephanie
Proof of Fall!
The Lotus Meditation Shrine


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