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The Four Seasons Winter Workshop

Outside the Retreat Center
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Winter’s Inner Journey
Where Silence Surrounds The Answers

Each season has a specific energy and a special capacity that it offers us. Winter’s energy is of hibernation and germination. The capacity it supplies us with is the fertile ground in which to solidify our dreams. We will be doing Native American “Dream Journeying” to maximize this energy. Doing so enables us to recognize and realize our dreams.

This technique is an effective aid to:
1) Discover and/or clarify our dreams
2) Identify and clear away any inhibiting blocks.
3) Discern solutions to take us from dreams to reality.

Our winter retreat is held 20 miles from Asheville, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We chose this particular place because of it’s warmth and coziness as well as it’s inspirational natural surroundings.

On the spacious property there is a river, reflecting pond and a large teepee. The room in which we hold classes and practice yoga is a two story wood and glass structure with breathtaking views. The glassed in porch where we take our meals also offers beautiful vistas.

There are many cozy nooks and crannies to relax in. Each of the guest rooms are different. Every one of them has it’s own unique personality.

The retreat begins Friday around 4:00 p.m. We will settle in, get to know each other, and have a fabulous dinner.* Friday and Saturday evenings we will have discussions and classes.

Saturday and Sunday mornings begin with a yoga class, meditation and then a wondrous breakfast.* Saturday, weather permitting, we will have an excursion to natural hot springs where we soak in thermal water by the river.

During the retreat we will learn about the winter, which is the “Water Element” in Chinese. This interesting and informative philosophy attributes specific body organs, emotions, and other correlation's to this season. Everything about the winter and the water element will be explored.

There will be a macrobiotic based cooking class, a Tai Chi demonstration and lesson, Dream Journeying, and a lot more surprises. Sachi and Stephanie’s goal is to share their knowledge and to inspire you. To create an exciting and safe environment in which you can comfortably explore new ideas, and work with the tools they will be presenting you with.

*FOOD! This is an important facet of nurturing yourself during the inward, colder, darker, months of winter. That is why we take particular care and hire a special gourmet chief, to prepare the meals for our winter retreat. The scrumptious vegetarian meals always gets rave reviews from participants!

~ Let this retreat be your gift to yourself for 2004 ~
What will you be getting?
~Lodging in a quaint Inn in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
~6 Gourmet vegetarian meals prepared on premise. Eating in a glass enclosed dinning area with spectacular views.
~Hot tub excursion. A 30 minute Ride through the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains to soak in the thermal hot springs.
~All classes and workshop activities and materials including take home treasures.
~Yoga classes, deep relaxation and meditation in a carpeted, two story glass and wood room overlooking the mountains.
~Special time spent with like minded people in a magical spot in the mountains.
~Epiphanies, Revelations, and laughter
~30 minutes from the unique town of Asheville, North Carolina (you may want to plan a day or two on your own there)

Please keep in mind that each retreat is unique and this is a general overview. We have many exciting programs to choose from and each group has it’s own needs and desires. The workshops are subject to change to meet the individual group needs and dynamics.

Contact me to signup for this workshop, or for more information.

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Relaxing by the River
Meditation by the River
Dream Journeying
Partner Workshop
Cold, Clear Running Water aids Meditation
Always time for Laughter!


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